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Luxury Human Resources

Whenever You are looking for talented executives, Luxury Management Club will propose the best candidates meeting individual requirements. While recruiting the specialists internationally, we are focusing primarily on executive searches within the airlines and hotel industries.

Our mission is to assist the clients and satisfy their human resources needs by providing them with the services of highest standards. These standards, inter alia, include confidentiality for both clients and job applicants as well as absolute discretion in all their contacts. We kindly ask companies and applicants to send us their requests and CV.


Our partners, working with us, have such an obvious advantages as:

v  admittance the best candidates in the industry;

v   «hand-made» executive search aimed at meeting requirements;

v  searching time compressed


Our candidates, in response, are granted with:

v  attractive positions opened in the best companies in the fields

v  service gratis

v  promotion directly to the decision making management


We believe we conduct most effective searching process since our consultants possess great experiences in the industries we represent, and know, what the clients expect, from inside. Vice versa, we lead our candidates through the hiring confidently – till the job offer receipt.


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