Who We Are
Luxury Management Club (LMC) opened in September 2006 and specializes in exclusive and luxury representation in Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. We created LMC in response to significant need for high quality and contemporary communication and representation services to meet the needs of today's exclusive and luxury hotels. LMC's founders understand that our companies goal is conversion of travel information into travel sales. LMC is operated by a multilingual team with international hotel experience and tour operator background with deep knowledge of Russian and International Trade & Travel market.

Our mission is to become a leader in travel industry representation and consultation by providing our clients with business services that help them become more successful. Our primary focus is delivering solutions to increase net revenues of all stakeholders.
Dear Hoteliers and Tour Operators !
Dear Travellers!
What makes our life colored? Why we aspire to everything marvelous?
For some, being on Earth is to get up in the morning, do their “things” during the day and go to bed at night, then repeat it all the next day; with no in-depth meaning of what life is about.
For You, this is enjoying all the exciting and astonishing, being happy that you are living Your style, which is exceptional and multicolored. You are looking forward to next day coming since it has meaning for You. The special meaning that You put in its every instant...
Wake up in the morning hours and listen to Your inner voice whispering to You some fantasies… Exceed the limits…. Believe Yourself, follow Your bright lifestyle and revel in every moment.
Luxury Management Club is a group of skilled and creative professionals, which will certainly arrange something unique that You are dreaming of… something breathtaking. We manage to make Your life luxurious!
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